1.     Diadoque de Photicé, Œuvres Spirituelles
Édouard des Places, s.j.
Source chrétiennes 5 bis
Les Éditions du Cerf, Paris, France, 1955.
2.    One Hundred Practical Texts of Perception and Spiritual Discernment From Diadochos of Photiki
Text, Translation and Commentary: Janet Elaine Rutherford
Belfast Byzantine Texts and Translations, 8
Belfast Byzantine Enterprises, Institute of Byzantine Studies, The Queen’s University of Belfast
Belfast 2000.
Translator’s Note: The anonymous blogger ‘Orthodox Monk’ passed on to us his unfinished translation of the Gnostic Chapters along with all the rights to it.  He had previously published his translation and commentary on his blog.  We have thoroughly reviewed the translation against the two texts cited above.  The difference between the two texts is that in determining his critical edition des Places was unaware of a manuscript at Lavra on Mt Athos which appears to be the most archaic manuscript extant.  Rutherford reviewed des Places’ critical text in the light of that manuscript, called by her R, and made several changes to des Places’ text.  It should be understood that Rutherford’s text is not simply des Places’ text emended for the readings of Manuscript R but reflects Rutherford’s judgements on a number of issues.  Orthodox Monk had done his translation only against des Places’ text and had only begun to review his translation against Rutherford’s text when he passed it on to us.
In thoroughly reviewing the translation against des Places’ text and Rutherford’s text we came to the conclusion that des Places’ text is in general the more satisfactory of the two, although the differences are relatively few and minor.   Apart from the issue of Rutherford's other changes, Manuscript R offers a reading which significantly improves the text in only one or two places.  Most if not all of the differences are noted in the footnotes.
The complete translated text has been posted here but it will be necessary to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘older posts’ to find the rest of the work.